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  1. Zulkiran -5510357 ago

    Dana fucks good!

  2. Yotaur
    Yotaur -5596757 ago

    She’s so fucking hot, wow

  3. Gugrel -5855957 ago

    so, there are rules in logic, and the Unknowable's nature is subject to them.

  4. Kigazuru
    Kigazuru -6028757 ago

    Every once in a while you're going to have to do things that they'll resent, so you better save that wild card for what life is going to create, not what you are going to create leave it alone don't even go there. Create no resentments and you'll be cool Daddy-o forever and ever and ever

  5. Mazule
    Mazule -6028757 ago

    Eres una mujer bien mamasota! Ayy y como se te ve ese animalote que cargas chikita pinche panochota bien sabrosa

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